Something about me…the Director at Balance Your Life & Founder of BYLA Retreats

Please let me tell you something more about me. I was born in a little town in the east of Germany in 1966. As a very dynamic and sportive talented girl I got a chance to train for competitions where I won lots of prices.

These early years made me courageous to believe in what I really want and built a ground of my later educations in Fitness and Yoga.

During the time I grew up, I learned that my life is made of changes. For many years I have been working as a business lady, working hard as sales & marketing manager for big events and I have successfully run my own restaurant and event planning business for many years.

I was very busy, but still there was the dream of freedom and my wish to work as Yoga Teacher in the Caribbean. In 2010 I left everything behind and started to travel & teach at beautiful island Curacao

My first journey became the path to self realization. Never before I had such a strong feeling of freedom and inner peace. Since that time I´m blessed with happiness and love. I can´t stop to spread my wings and share this love.

I´m proud to introduce myself as passionate traveling Body & Mind Coach with the German perfectionism and a Caribbean soul, who has a lot of international experience. My versatile interest in cultures let me find my home in teaching Yoga all over the world. I am always open minded and ready for new experiences. I need challenges to live a satisfying life.

Since 2010 I have focused on the Caribbean Island Curacao. I work here as Freelance Yoga and Health Coach. For all my classes I can give private sessions at your house but you can also join me at the various hotels and Yoga centers where I teach, please have a look at my schedule to see where my classes are today.
I´m very thankful to have a good team, to replace me during I travel.

I am grateful you have taken the time to read this and I hope to see you soon in my classes or in one of my Retreats.

Janina Ilha Charles